A Destination

One of the finest properties in Baja Sur. We are uniquely located in the heart of the "huerta," a fertile valley atop the life giving aquifer. An oasis within the oasis of Todos Santos.

A private compound, walled and secluded. Your home in a far away land, under a magical sky, warm and friendly hosts, a perfect retreat. Expect the vacation of your lifetime.

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Stunning Beauty

Ask anyone who's traveled the Baja. It's all about the sky and the desert beneath it. More colors than you've ever seen before. Every sunset unique and beautiful, each sunrise an inspiring new beginning. 

Sounds of Nature

The gentle hum of a hummingbird in flight, a crashing symphony of waves, the morning call of a gecko high above you in the palms. Cascading waters. Fill your soul with the sounds of nature.


If you're looking for solitude and quiet, there is no place on earth like the deserted beaches of Todos Santos. Miles of amazing white sand and stunning mountain backdrops. Reconnect with your true self. Read our guest reviews.