las casitias tapas and wine bar

La Casita Tapas & Wine Bar

We are proud to serve local seafood caught daily and farm fresh organic produce. Prices are in Mexican Pesos.

MANGO SHRIMP Pacific shrimp lightly seared and topped with a fresh mango ginger sauce. $145

PINEAPPLE SHRIMP Grilled Pacific shrimp served on a roasted pineapple slice drizzled with tamarind-chili glaze. $135

SPANISH SHRIMP Pacific Shrimp sautéed in fresh picked herbs and organic tomatoes. $120

TEQUILA SHRIMP Pan roasted Pacific shrimp over a tequila and orange liquor reduction. $135

COCONUT SHRIMP Pacific shrimp coated in sweet coconut, pan seared and served with apricot-ginger dipping sauce. $135

SASHIMI Ahi tuna drizzled with soy-orange vinaigrette. $125

AHI TUNA TEMPURA ROLL *Chef recommended. $130

TEQUILA-JALAPEÑO SEA BASS Fresh sea bass seared to golden brown, served with tequila-jalapeño cream sauce. $135

SEARED AHI Delectable fresh Ahi pan seared and topped with tropical papaya-ginger-black bean sauce. $140

SEA SCALLOPS Delicately cooked topped with soy-red pepper glaze. $135

BABY BACK SHORT RIBS Mouth-watering ribs slow cooked and basted with chipotle-raspberry BBQ sauce. $150

BRASILIAN STEAK Irresistible rib eye steak, charbroiled in a coffee, cinnamon and herb rub, topped with creamy bourbon, shallot sauce. $170

ARGENTINA STYLE CHORIZO Old fashioned style chorizo served with homemade chimichurri sauce. $110

VEGETARIAN ROLL Fresh organic lettuce and tropical fruit wrapped in sea weed, served with dipping sauce. $100

GRILLED ASPARAGUS Fire roasted asparagus over organic greens with lemon white wine sauce. $110

GAZPACHO SALAD WITH TOMATO VINAIGRETTE Organic greens tossed with light tomato vinaigrette, $110

CROSTIINI & BRUSCHETTA Garlic bread lightly toasted and topped with a fresh garlic & basil mixture.
Served with homemade pesto & balsamic reduction. $100



SMOKED TUNA WONTONS Smoked tuna cooked in a special blend of fine oils, herbs and cabbage. $120

NEW ZEALAND MUSSELS Green lip mussels oven baked and served with lemon butter sundried tomato sauce. $130