(prices are in Mexican Pesos)


Organic greens, with spring vegetables, regional marinated &
goat cheese. $80.00
Avocado filled with crab, shrimp and chipotle cream sauce. $70.00
Grilled asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and drizzled w/pesto. $60.00
Baby portobellos stuffed with Argentinian chorizo and pesto. $60.00
Mexican style carpaccio. $120.00
Pear wrapped with prosciutto & served w/blue cheese sauce. $80.00
Duck breast organic salad. $120.00


Fusilli, smoked marlin, shrimp, scallops with roasted
peppers & Baja white wine creamy dill sauce. $160.00

Grilled flatbread with prosciutto, capers, onion, artichoke heart &
mozzarella cheese. $160.00

Duck enchilada with roasted peppers, goat & Chihuahua cheese,
& tomato sauce. $160.00

Grilled duck breast w/green peppercorn sauce. $230.00

Flanksteak with mushrooms, bacon, red wine reduction, onions
& mozzarella. $165.00

Lamb burritos w/roasted peppers, & blue cheese. $165.00

Baja fish & seafood chowder, roasted tomatoes & saffron. $175.00

Yellowtail with an orange-dill cream sauce. $170.00

Halibut baked w/pesto, black olives & pine nuts. $180.00

Chile relleno w/sweet potatoes & 3 cheeses (blue, Chihuahua &
parmesan). $150.00

Mango tart tatin with lemon and mint ice-cream. $50.00
Velvet chocolate cake. $50.00
Mango stewed in Baja Merlot with guava ice-cream. $50.00
Eve pie w/apples, almonds & vanilla liqueur. $50.00
Sample dessert platter for two…ask the chef for suggestions. $100.00
Santo Tomas Port $50.00/glass

Prices are in Pesos plus 11% tax.
Today´s fresh rustic bread is made with red wine, green olives & oregano!!

**Please note that Santo Vino is open from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.